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Gerry McGovernNOTE: Gerry McGovern presented this workshop in Ottawa Thursday, October 30th, 2014 to a broad range of public and private sector participants. The following is the information provided prior to the event.

Make sure you don't miss your opportunity to experience Gerry's powerful, captivating and insightful Master Class featuring all new content, strategies and case studies. Partake in this unforgettable learning experience that makes his theory of simple web design actionable, supported by extensive examples and data.

Gerry's Master Classes sold out in Ottawa when he last visited from Ireland in 2009 and 2010. Register early as seats are limited!


Overview of Master Class

The future of the Web is about self-service.

Whether you are involved in designing or implementing the web or applications, your job is about understanding how to create quality service-focused websites and apps that truly focus on what the customer needs. It’s about making things easy and fast for your customers and more cost-effective or profitable for your organization. This workshop will help you do that.

Self-service promises a win-win outcome: your website visitors find it easier and quicker to get what they need done, while your organization saves time and costs. In reality, it’s not that simple. Most websites – whether government, enterprise or small business – usually fail to deliver on the promise of self-service.

‘Oh, we have a self-service section on our website,’ some say. No you don’t. Your entire website is self-service. Your apps are self-service. Most of your digital ecosystem is self-service. ‘But isn’t self-service just about doing a transaction?’ No. If someone is looking up a policy on the intranet, that’s self-service. If someone is trying to figure how to install a product on your website, that’s self-service. If someone wants to know what the weather will be like today that’s self-service.

Self-service is about people doing things for themselves rather than having others do things for them. On the Web, people self-serve by reading content, clicking links and using applications. The Web is all about self-service. Apps are all about self-service. The more technology-driven a society becomes the more self-service it becomes.


What you will learn

  1. The 7 principles of effective self-service design and management used by organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Tetra Pak, HSBC, US Internal Revenue Service, and UK Ministry of Justice to improve task performance and customer satisfaction.
  2. How to improve findability and manage search for more effective self-service.
  3. How to optimize your website for self-service and bridge organizational silos to create a seamless self-service customer experience.
  4. How to measure web self-service task performance to prioritize and direct continuous improvement activities.
  5. How to manage based on outcomes rather than on content creation.
  6. How to persuade senior managers that your website is a core business asset and should be treated as one.


Who is this Master Class for?

This Master Class is for those who want to achieve maximum return on investment in their website. Specifically, this Master Class will be most useful for:

  1. Marketing, Communications, IM/IT, UX or usability professionals.
  2. People who design, create, edit and publish content on the Web.
  3. Technical professionals who want to better understand the content/customer side of Web strategy.
  4. Managers responsible for delivering value through commercial or government websites and intranets.


Accolades for Gerry McGovern and the Customer Carewords approach

“Our work with Gerry increased understanding across our team of the specific tasks that our customers are trying to accomplish and how best to address their needs. The result is a significant improvement (+20%) in our customers' ability to find what they need on Pinpoint.”
Peter Horsman, Global Site Management Lead for Microsoft Pinpoint

“Gerry's customer-centric approach to website development has helped us re-shape and dramatically improve Cisco's Partner Central by focusing on and addressing the needs of our global partner community.”
Luanne Tierney, Vice President, Worldwide Partner Marketing, Cisco

“Gerry's brilliant, straightforward approach to getting buy-in for UX research is inspiring.”
Tomer Sharon, UX Researcher and author 'It's Our Research' and 'Lean User Research' Google

“If you aren’t using evidence to make decisions, then decisions are subjective (rather than objective) and imposed by fiat. The evidence-based approach promises to be more scientific and therefore predictable and reliable.”
Bill Skeet, Senior Manager of Customer Experience, Cisco Digital Support

View selected short YouTube videos by Gerry McGovern


Gerry on stage during Ottawa Master Class


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