Custom workshops & certification

We design and deliver workshops customized to your needs. We can deliver them on your site, or off-site. Workshops can be presented in a series or for a single day. 

Customizable modules include: 

User Experience Training or Certification Series

  • 4 modules to train development and design staff on user experience methods and techniques
    • Module 1: Overview - Human Cognition and the Web
    • Module 2: User Experience Research - online, offline, quick, detailed, learn to usability test
    • Module 3: User Experience Design - designing for fast and easy top task completion
    • Module 4: Developing a Task Management Culture

Government of Canada - Conducting User Experience Research

  • Originally a top-rated workshop at the Government of Canada Web Usability Week in 2012

Government of Canada - Designing & Testing Mega-Menus to Meet the Standard on Usability

  • Originally part of a series provided to the Centres of Excellence

Usability Mentoring - Usability Testing Support and Analysis

  • We can support you to develop your own usability testing processes. We'll review your design, train you in remote testing techniques, help you set up your tools and provide our custom Usability Capture tool.  After co-running a pilot usability test session with you, we will provide data analysis services to transform your usability Capture notes into a Powerpoint report of success rates, navigation strategies, and usabillity issues.


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