Customer Experience/Usability Testing

Discover the real experience of your customers as they try to complete their top tasks on their mobile; tablet; or desktop devices. Discover where visitors have difficulty and how to improve.

Benefits of Remote Usability Testing

  • Provides solid foundation for design decison making, based on behavioural data of real users
  • Provides understand of your customers' experiences and challenges in using your website or web application.
  • Observing live sessions, or reviewing session recordings engages and trains your team

What is customer experience testing?

  • A small number of customers attempt real tasks and think aloud while usability experts record their behaviour
  • Testing includes mobile; tablet; and desktop devices, and may include persons with disabilities as required
  • No unnatural experimental effects - participants use their own equipment, typically in their own environment, while the researches observe using remote meeting tools
  • We analyse the users' response to the site, and report on the issues that negatively impact your customers’ experience as they use their mobile; tablet; or desktop devices.

What is the cost and timeframe?

  • Typically takes 3 to 6 weeks to complete.
  • Costs typically range from $10-20K, depending on complexity, number of rounds of testing, and recruiting criteria.

When should I do customer experience testing?

  • Most cost effective early on in the design process (testing early prototypes), so that the recommendations can be incorporated before development begins
  • Also appropriate as part of a continuous improvement program or when considering a major redesign to determine the best return on investment for usability enhancements.

What do I get?

  • Report prioritizing the main usability issues
    • For each device type tested
    • Using annotated screens shots to demonstrate the issues in context and to support strategic recommendations as to possible solutions.
    • Video highlights to emphasize the “pain points” and to ensure the web team fully understand the issues and are aligned on the priorities and next steps.
  • Specific strategic and practical recommendations for improving the effectiveness of your site

Why Neo Insight?

  • Each facilitator has a minimum of 15 years of web experience and engages in hundreds of test sessions yearly.
  • We track industry trends that affect customer expectations and understand how to help you make the critical decisions needed to balance your customer, business, and technical needs.

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