Expert Review (Usability Audit or Heuristic Review)

Have your website reviewed by our usability experts to understand what is keeping your customers from achieving their tasks, buying your product, or becoming customers.


  • Identify usability problems in your design cost effectively
  • Prioritize options for significantly improving your customers’ ability to achieve their top tasks.

What is an expert review?

  • Usability experts review your website or web application for navigation, search, content, and workflow issues that are negatively impacting your customers’ experience.
  • User experience is evaluated against recognized usability principles and best practices.

What is the timeframe and cost?

  • Typically completed in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Costs typically range from $4-10K, depending on complexity.

When should I do an expert review?

  • Before a redesign to help prioritize those parts of the customer experience most in need of improvement.
  • Before implementing a redesign to minimize the effort to correct design flaws
  • Before usability testing a new design, to address any obvious usability issues and to identify the most important issues to test.

What do I get?

  • Report identifying and prioritizing the main usability issues, using annotated screens shots
  • Strategic recommendations as to solving problems identified.
  • Presentation and discussion with your team to ensure you are left with actionable steps forward.

Why Neo Insight?

  • The quality of an expert review is dependent on the experience of the people doing the review.
  • Neo Insight reviewers all have over 15 years of web experience. We’ve worked with numerous management and development teams so we understand how to make the critical decisions needed to balance customer, business, and technical needs.

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