Behavioural Insight Research

Meet and Exceed Service Goals through Behavioural Insights

Rather than assuming people are 'rational actors' - who for example, read every word on a web page-  a behavioural insight approach applies principles of psychology and behavioural economics to service design. 

Behavioural Insight interventions always include experimenting to measure the impact of the intervention(s) or measure alternative versions of interventions. At Neo Insight, online design and research is our specialty. We understand the interactions between the real world and the human mind, and can help you achieve your business goals through this specific set of techniques in the digital space. 

Behavioural Insight's EAST Framework 

We apply the  Easy - Attractive - Social - Timely (EAST) Model to our work. The four principles were developed by the UK Behavioural Insight Team. The 'Easy' part for us is, well, easy since online user experience is one of our primary skillsets. We have helped many government and private clients research, design, prototype and implement online service solutions.  

Randomized Control Trials (RCT)

Neo Insight has extensive experience with experimental and statistical methods. We can help you design, run and analyze a randomized control test (RCT) to test new behavioural science approaches. 

Why Neo Insight?

We are experienced behavioural scientists, researchers and designers with experimental methodology, statistic and analytyic skills.


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