User Experience Research

Strategic research options to support data-driven decision making and create a user-centric focus for your website or application.

Expert Usability Reviews

  • No time for testing? We can provide fast and effective reviews based on our many hours of watching web behaviour and on usabilty heuristics. Usability reviews will identify critical usability issues on your site, and provide recommendations.  

Usability Testing

  • Usability Testing quickly identifies usability problems that are preventing your customers from completing a sale, or causing errors in application forms, or even failing to find the services your site offers. We'll test with your own site visitors, on their own computers to mimic their natural context as closely as possible.  We are leaders in this field, providing training and mentoring to teams in Canada and the world.  

Design Research

  • Test early! Catching usability problems at the prototype and concept stage can avoid wasted developments costs. 

Behavioural Insight Research

  • Applying our backgrounds in Psychology, we'll help you choose whether a nudge or a new choice architecture will deliver the changes you need.

Journey Mapping and Experience Mapping

  • Journey Mapping and Experience Mapping are powerful tools for improving your clients’ or customers’ experience. They are typically used to map customer experiences that are rich and complex, involving many parties and taking place over long periods of time.

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