Agile Prototyping

Use fast, cost-effective techniques to get your design ideas in front of customers as early as possible in the design process. Repeat fast design-and-test cycles to discover users' needs, to maintain focus on user priorities, and to let users test-drive your innovative ideas.


  • Obtain early user data and feedback to inform your web and application design decisions.
  • Discover what really matters to your customers and users before you've invested too much in design or development.
  • Employ customer and user data to prioritize your development timelines, effort and resources.
  • Involve and engage your users—customers, staff, etc—in your design process to improve buy-in, communications and commitment.

What is Agile Prototyping?

  • A version of (parts of) your design with just enough functionality to compare design alternatives, and to test the unknowns and the riskier elements of the design
  • Produced using rapid-prototyping tools for fast and cost-effective turnaround.
  • Prototypes allow you to observe real user behaviour as they interact with your design, and to obtain detailed feedback about your designs, alternatives, and ideas before implementing them.

What is the cost and timeframe?

  • The time required can be anything from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the project requirements, the number of design iterations and the details of the testing to be performed. Contact us to discuss your options

When should I do Agile Prototyping?

  • When you have innovative ideas you'd like to test with users, quickly and cheaply.
  • When you have a complex website or application with tough design decisions that would benefit from user data and feedback.
  • When you need to prioritize your timescales, effort and resources, based on user priorities.

What do I get?

  • For each design-and-test cycle you get a prototype of the critical pages, user interaction and navigation components of your website or application.
  • For each design-and-test cycle you get a round of usability testing with representative users, an analysis and (re)design recommendations.

Why Neo Insight?

  • We use the latest tools and techniques that enable increasingly rapid design and testing.
  • Each of us has more than 20 years' experience of design, and working with design and development teams, so we understand the technical challenges, and the design trade-offs that you have to make.
  • Each tester has a minimum of 15 years of web experience and engages in hundreds of test sessions yearly.
  • We track industry trends that affect customer expectations and understand how to help you make the critical decisions needed to balance your customer, business, and technical needs.

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