Web and Application Design

Achieve a customer-centric design by having us apply a variety of techniques to drastically increase the usefulness and usability of your website.


  • Optimize your customers’ experience through the application of sound behavioural principles and best-practices.
  • Quickly get people to their desired content or functions with improved calls to action and better workflow support.

What is website and web application design?

  • Customer experience and task architecture specialists produce new high level designs based on customer-centric methods to improve customer interaction and task completion. The focus is always on helping people complete tasks faster and easier.

What is the cost and timeframe?

  • Typically takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete.
  • Costs typically range from $10-30K, depending on complexity and prototyping requirements.

When should I do website and web application design?

  • Best done after identifying specific opportunities for customer experience improvements.
  • Ideally, design activities are combined with iterative rounds of usability testing to both refine and validate the new design.

What do I get?

  • Design output is customized to your team’s needs. It can be in the form of a design specification but more typically it is in the form of wireframes, high-level mock-ups of revised screens, or simple prototypes demonstrating the desired behaviour and interaction.

Why Neo Insight?

  • The quality of a design is dependent on the experience of the designers. All Neo Insight designers have over 15 years of web experience. We’ve also worked with numerous development teams so we understand how to make the critical design decisions that achieve the optimal balance of customer, business and technical needs.


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