Webinars and Gerry McGovern Master Classes

Learn how the Top Tasks Management approach will benefit your customers and users and make your web management initiatives more powerful and effective. View online webinars by Gerry McGovern, Neo Insight and other partners, attend one of Gerry McGovern's Master Classes or bring Gerry in-house for a powerful kick-start to your own initiative.


  • Learn how the Top Tasks Management approach supports your users' and customers' priorities to make you more effective as a manager
  • Use webinars to learn specific techniques in your own time and at your own pace
  • Share the webinars with your team to grow understanding about the Top Tasks-based approach
  • Send your team to one of Gerry McGovern's Master Classes to bring them together around your Top Tasks approach
  • Bring Gerry McGovern in-house, to kick-start your own Top Tasks Managment initiative in a powerful way

What can I expect from the webinars and Master Classes?

Gerry McGovern is a passionate, entertaining and engaging communicator, author and speaker. Gerry has spoken, written and consulted extensively on web content management issues since 1994.

You can view past webinars online for free, and sign up for free to future webinars, events and Master Classes on Gerry's Customer Carewords site. The webinars include overviews of the Top Tasks Management approach, specific practical techniques such as Top Task Identification and Task Performance Indicator, and case studies.

If you need to win hearts and minds for your own user- and task-centred initiative, you should consider bringing Gerry McGovern in-house, for a 1-2 hour presentation, or even for a full-day workshop. A great way to bring large numbers of your department or team on-board with your initiative. When organizations do this, they often ask Gerry to do two presentations: one for senior managers, and one for staff.

Send your team to one of Gerry's Master Classes; this is another way to bring a number of people up to speed on the approach quickly. Neo Insight bring Gerry McGovern to Ottawa every few years. If you'd like us to bring him here sooner, or if you'd just like to know when the next Ottawa Master Class might be, then contact us here at Neo Insight.

What is the timeframe and cost?

  • 1-hour webinars, 2-3 hour in-house presentations, 1-2 day Top Tasks Management Master Classes
  • CAD$5K for a 1- or 2-hour presentation; CAD$10K for a full-day in-house workshop; CAD$12K for a 2-day in-house Master Class.

What do I get?

  • Copies of presentation materials for all attendees
  • Converts! Senior managers, peers and staff who 'get it' - who understand the philosophy and benefits of the Top Tasks Approach, as well as practical techniques to implement it and keep momentum moving forward.

Why Neo Insight?

  • The Neo Insight team have worked with Gerry, communicating and implementing the Top Tasks Management approach since 2007, when we first brought him to Ottawa to give a sold-out Master Class. We have also contributed and co-presented a number of webinars with Gerry.


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