Task Performance Indicator

Create benchmark measures for how easily and quickly your customers can complete their top tasks on your website. Manage your website improvement with facts and evidence, not opinion. Identify the main usability issues and develop benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of management initiatives and improvement activities.


  • Improved task completion, directly resulting in significant revenue, cost and/or productivity benefits.
  • Continuous improvement model based on solid, behavioural data for those tasks that matter most to your customers and/or users.

What is the Task Performance Indicator?

  • Observation and measurement of fifteen to twenty representative customers in one-on-one remote test sessions, each lasting one hour, to see how well they can complete a prioritized set of top tasks.
  • Metrics include success/fail rates, failures types, 'disaster' rates (people do not complete the task but think they have), completion times, and confidence in successes and disasters.
  • The Task Performance Indicator integrates all metrics into one score representing the overall customer experience.

What is the cost and timeframe?

  • Typically takes 6-8 weeks.
  • Costs typically range from $18-25K depending on the complexity of the website and recruitment requirements.

When should I do a Task Performance Indicator?

  • When considering major website changes and you need to ensure that your customers' or users' top tasks are quick and easy to do.
  • When you want to establish benchmark metrics to help you plan and evaluate the impact of website improvement activities.

What do I get?

  • Clear metrics for decision-making and improvement based on success rates, disaster rates, and task completion times.
  • Suggested improvements to the top tasks with clear examples of the frustrations your customers are currently experiencing.
  • Screen-grabs and videos of the benchmark testing: videos often win hearts and minds when the 'evidence' alone doesn't.

Why Neo Insight and Customer Carewords?

  • Neo Insight and the Customer Carewords partnership has been evaluating task performance on websites and intranets for over 12 years, for several Fortune 500 companies, governments and educational institutions. The extensive experience of all the researchers allows us to be extremely cost-effective and to extract maximum insight from the test data.

See more Task Performance Indicator details on Customer Carewords website.

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