Customer-Centric Index

Find out what’s really annoying your customers so you can focus your scarce resources on the areas where they will achieve maximum improvement and impact.


  • Provides a crystal clear improvement roadmap for your website/intranet that is highly defensible because it is based on fact, not opinion.
  • Encompasses every dimension affecting your users’ experience.

What is the Customer-Centric Index?

  • Unique, one-minute survey of how customers respond to your website. Identifies factors which are most affecting your customers’ experience – both positive and negative.
  • Customers rate your site against 13 critical customer-centric factors grouped into content, social and information architecture factors.

What is the cost and timeframe?

  • Typically can be completed in 1-3 weeks, depending on your website traffic and recruiting technique selected.
  • Costs typically range from $3-6K depending on the complexity of recruiting participants to take the survey.

When should I do a Customer-Centric Index?

  • Can be done at any time because they are quick and inexpensive to do.
  • Very useful for continuous improvement of the website because the process is repeatable. You can compare results to see where improvements have been made and where to focus efforts next.
  • Included in most Top Task Identification projects.

What do I get?

  • Clear set of results showing the priority items your customers feel are most negatively and positively affecting their experience.
  • Action plan showing where to focus your scarce resources to achieve maximum improvement and impact.
  • For intranets and some industry sectors we have peer data available so we can make comparisons with your website.

Why Neo Insight and Customer Carewords?

  • We have identified the qualities that make a website work for customers, based on 12 years of intensive research involving over 50,000 participants in 16 countries. Our approach taps into gut instinct responses, and only asks customers to vote for what they really care about. This provides a much more accurate picture of what customers really think of your website.

More Customer Centric Index details on Customer Carewords website.

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