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What does it mean for an organization to be obsessed with its customers? Give your perspective by taking this 5-minute poll from Gerry McGovern. Identify the aspects that are important to you:

Your customers’ expectations are changing because of the web. Being obsessed with customers means to first acknowledge how you need to change to meet their expectations. We’ve extracted bits from Gerry McGovern’s article about customer obsession, and organized it around some expectations we observe in web users:

Customers have come to expect change

Customers are changing far faster than organizations. Organizations need to keep up. Many innovations waste customer time, just to save time and money for the organization; e.g. automating phone systems.

They expect you to listen

Customer obsession begins with humility, constantly listening to and observing customers. Customer obsession is about genuinely putting the customer first. Open your eyes and ears, and be ready to be humbled.

They expect you to understand the hoops you put them through

To truly understand and design for customers requires observation. It means staying in touch, observing how your user experience fails, and improving it through constant iteration and experimentation.

They expect you to fix your user experience

It is shocking how slow organizations are to make basic changes to their websites. If you want to be obsessed with your customers, be obsessed with saving them time. That means re-orienting your culture to the customer. Decisions need to be based on evidence of customer behavior, not opinion or ego. It means measuring your success based on customer success.

If you are you ready to help your organization become obsessed with your customers, learn more about their top tasks:


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Gerry McGovern delivering a Masterclass this week in Ottawa, Canada.


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