Codefest 2016 – Celebrating Accessibility & Usability Successes

Posted on February 28, 2016 by Lisa

Photo of Codefest 4 panel [1]

Jeff Stark, Lisa Fast, Mario Bonito and David Berman onstage at Codefest 4  – Photo by Mike Gifford – see all of Mike’s Codefest photos [2]

On February 18th and 19th, we joined in at Codefest4 2016.  This terrific event brought together the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) open-source community and public servants.  It was wonderful to meet GitHub friends and collaborators in person, and share ideas and discussions about the future.

Lisa Fast was on the main stage Thursday with ‘Evidence-Based Design: How Canadians Get WET’.  The audience kicked off the talk with a ‘skipping instructions’ demonstration – providing live evidence that web developers are human too!   Lisa’s talk used results and video clips from usability testing of WET components and with over 180 Canadians on computers, phones and tablets.  She described our shortened attention spans, and how you can work around them to design great interactive services.

The presentation cited results from:

In the afternoon, Neo Insight hosted ‘Ask a UX Expert’ sessions, where Mike Atyeo, Roy Ballantine, Evelyne Millien and Lisa answered questions and got into details about service design for  On Friday, Lisa joined a panel onstage, and we all participated in some terrific sessions, including Shawn’s GitHub page session – very useful for prototyping.

Lisa wrapped up the week by pinch-hitting for Peter Smith as a speaker at Ottawa’s World IA Day event.   There were fun and interesting talks on Information Architecture ideas, solutions and designs from Shopify team members, Jane Stewart, Systemscope, and Kerry Surman. Keeners stayed late for Lisa’s detailed demo of an exciting new eye tracking online service by

Upcoming Events

Lisa’s next speaking event is at the annual User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) Conference in Seattle June 1 to 3. She’ll talk about how to use online research tools beyond their original designs.

Lisa will also be at two upcoming Behavioural Science conferences this spring.  Behavioural Science on the web,  and our evidence-based approach to user experience are a natural fit. We’ll be branching out into this exciting new field in the coming months. Lisa is a member of the new Behavioural Science & Policy Association and will be at their second annual conference in Washington in April.

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