Webinar: Invisible Boxes – Why parts of your design are invisible

Designers love boxes! Menus, warnings, labels, decorations… all sorts of boxes that can either work well, or cause problems because they are simply not seen at all by people using the page. For insights on how applying digital psychology principles can help ensure your design supports your tasks, Lisa Fast of Neo Insight presented a webinar on December 10th, including an introduction and closing discussion with  Gerry McGovern.

Webinar Title: Seeing Outside the Box: Why Parts of Your Design Are Invisible

Date Presented: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

YouTube: Watch the full Invisible Boxes webinar (60 minutes)

Presentation: Invisible Boxes – Why Your Design is Invis 10Dec2014 (PDF)

Slideshare: View entire presentation or skip directly to a particular slide

Lisa used real video clips from years of usability testing sessions, to help us understand how graphic boxes and images are perceived by users – or not perceived! She described 3 interacting components of ‘Human Technology’ that influence what people see on your web site:

    • Perceptual principles like proximity, similarity, and closed regions
    • Attention and in particular, inattentional blindness
    • Priming – the influence of what happened in the past

About Lisa

Lisa has tested or interviewed over 700 usability participants in her strategy and research work at Neo Insight. Those hours of watching people attempt to perform tasks on web sites have given her a powerful sense of what it takes to create a successful user experience. This summer, Lisa led the usability testing of 20+ mobile smartphone and tablet participants in a large study for the Government of Canada.

Speaking events this year for Lisa:

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