IA Summit 2014 Twist Your Tools

At IA Summit 2014 in March, Neo Insight’s Lisa Fast presented about creative approaches to Information Architecture.  This interactive session covered a range of ways to use online tools to address  common research challenges.

Examples include: how to add an invitation for live testing to a tree test, how to capture responses to top-level facet selections via a survey tool and how you can use survey tools to prototype wizard-like application forms.

This session will provide you with some new ideas about using online usability tools to help your team make great design decisions.

Problem 1:
Recruit a range of site visitors for moderated testing during iterative IA design.

  • Solution: Add an invitation/screener to the end of an unmoderated IA study
  • Demo: Treejack tasks (2) from the original Benchmark navigation design, followed by a FluidSurveys screener
  • http://bit.ly/ia14recruit

Problem 2:
Understand whether users choose the right set of facets for top tasks when the facets are grouped into headings.

  • Solution: When users need to select a set of facets to solve the task: use an entire page of an online survey to show a task, headings and facets – all as separate ‘questions’
  • Demo: SurveyMonkey Online survey with two of the 10 tasks
  • http://bit.ly/ia14facetsurvey

  • Solution: When only one facet is the ‘right’ facet for the task: use Treejack to test headings and facet selections. Compare versions until first clicks on headings reach target rates.
  • Demo: Treejack study (2 tasks) with headings as first level in tree
  • http://bit.ly/ia14treefacet

Problem 3:
Compare two alternative telephone voice response IA designs before the 40 page script is recorded.

Problem 4:
Identify the long neck of top tasks on your web site and the long tail of tiny tasks.

  • Solution: Turn card sorting into a quick online voting survey – where one question can have 100 items.
  • Demo: Intranet top task ranking question on Survey Monkey
    * based on the method described by Gerry McGovern in The Stranger’s Long Neck


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