Mega-menu rapid prototyping and testing boosts task performance

Neo Insight has extensive experience designing mega menus with public and corporate clients. We’ve shared our learning in previous articles about mega menu design and the big improvements in task success rates that careful design and testing can deliver. Recently, Neo Insight tested and co-designed several new Government of Canada mega menu sites, using a new process combining un-moderated tests for quantitative data (hundreds of site visitors participate) and moderated live usability sessions for qualitative fine-tuning of the menu structure, format and task labels.

To quickly change the menus between tests, we developed a method of using Excel spreadsheets to drive both TreeJack online architecture tests and live sessions on a Web Experience Toolkit (WET) prototype. For one department’s site, the new rapid process gathered input from over 400 site visitors over 4 weeks to progressively develop the mega menu designs, with success rates for some top tasks boosted 30% during the process. Insights from the testing were shared with the Treasury Board team as they refine the new Standard for Web Usability and associated WET templates.

If you are considering mega menus to improve your site’s task success rates or you are a Government of Canada department moving onto the new Standard for Usability, we can help you create, test and deliver a successful task-oriented mega menu design within one to two months.

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Quote of the month

“Few things affect task success more than the navigation of the website. If users can’t find what they’re looking for, not much else matters.”

Jeff Sauro, Measuring Usability



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