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Posted on November 16, 2009 by Lisa

Performance measurement offers new ways to manage effectiveness and efficiency of tasks. Search is often associated with top tasks and a key component of findability on the web. Through our partnership with Gerry McGovern we’ve been helping to research and develop the Search Performance Indicator [1] – a new technique for measuring and helping you manage one of the key user strategies on almost every website, namely search.
Our research has shown that on a typical public website or intranet, 5 percent of searches represents roughly 40 percent of search volume. Thus, even in very large websites we have found that the top 400 search terms represent at least 50% of search volume.

Just like top tasks, there are top searches. This allows us to focus our efforts on a manageable number of search terms and optimize the relevance of the search results to your customers. Search engine optimization gets people to your site. The Search Performance process makes sure people get through your website to their desired content quickly and easily.

By providing a metric for search task success, we are able to establish baselines, identify opportunities for improving the search results, and measure progress towards our goals. By evaluating your search results against over 100 factors that can impact search success we are able to help you optimize your search engine and strategy.

To further expand our industry search performance database we are currently offering a 30% discount on Search Performance evaluations to qualified organizations who would like to anonymously contribute their search data to our benchmarking activity. If you are interested in obtaining a Search Performance Indicator propsal or have questions as to how our process can improve your customer experience please contact us at 613 271-3001.


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