A model for developing usability skills in your organization

Posted on December 9, 2006 by ssmith

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next workshops

February 22, 2007 Usability challenges of new Web technologies [1] – One day Workshop.
Save $100 if you register before February 9th.
March 8 , 2007 Designing usable Web-based applications [2] – One day Workshop.
Save $100 if you register before March 23rd.


April 28 – May 3, 2007 CHI2007 “Reach Beyond” [3], San Jose, California.
January 15, 2007 CapCHI “Usability and the Semantic Web” [4], Adrian Walker presenting.
Happy Holidays Our sincere wishes to you for some holidays and some happiness.

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[1] Usability challenges of new Web technologies: http://www.neoinsight.com/workshops/workshops.htm#W061

[2] Designing usable Web-based applications: http://www.neoinsight.com/workshops/workshops.htm#W062

[3] CHI2007 “Reach Beyond”: http://www.chi2007.org

[4] CapCHI “Usability and the Semantic Web”: http://www.capchi.org/nextmeeting.html

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